Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The continuation

A month has passed since the last blog and things have changed here, mostly for the good, I might add. Mistress' stress level has lowered in the last few weeks and some certain things that were weighing heavily on us have changed for the better also.

With that comes the reemergence of her dominance, I won't say it's at the highest level it's ever been but nonetheless as stress leaves the things that make us who we are come back.

Last time I wrote I mentioned how it was important for me to take care of things around the house without her having to supervise or manage it I have continued that and it is made for a relaxing situation for her. This past week nothing is changed in my endeavors to continue to make things easier at home, however this past week I also found that she has been becoming a little more dominant about the things.

Earlier in the week we attended an event that we go to every week, in my usual way I had a smart ass comment for something she said, it wasn't anything terrible or demeaning or insulting, just a little fun. She leaned over and whispered into my ear, and asked, if I would enjoy her leaning me over the chair and showing everybody here what happens when I become a bit too smart mouthed. She was of course kidding, in a way, and she was smiling about it but yet there was something in her eyes that told me that if pushed too far she might just do exactly that. At this point I thought it was best to admit that I would not like to be leaned over a chair and have my ass beat in front of a bunch of people, whether she would've are not remains to be seen but her mood told me, don't take a chance. When I told her that it wasn't necessary to pull that type of authority in front of everyone she then asked If I was the person in the relationship who decided what was necessary and what wasn't. She then asked again if I would like to be leaned over the chair and show everyone here who was boss. At this point I just said, "sorry mistress it won't happen again."

A day later she pulled me into the bathroom and pointed out a few things that she would like improved upon next time I clean. Knowing our conversation from the day before I realized she was beginning to feel more dominant and my answer to her was simply, "yes mistress."

While these might be small things in the scope of life it just shows that when things aren't going well or are stressful, to learn to support her a bit differently than you might at other times.

While part of me kind of does wish that she would punish me at times, the smart part of me knows that she doesn't really enjoy that and that her threat of punishment is either to be for fun like when we are at the public event or meant to send an alert to me that she is serious. The bathroom incident was serious, she wants things done better and if she doesn't get them her way then I will pay for that. I will improve because I want to be the best servant I can and also I want to avoid the punishment, and not because I don't want the punishment but because I know she doesn't want to have to resort to that.

That's the important part here, as I change how I see things, is that I realize how happy I am when I get to obey her and when I get to do things that make a truly happy.

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  1. It has been a while since you have posted. I hope all is well in your world

    Take care